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CBD & Cannabis Packaging Tips for 2021

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CBD & Cannabis Packaging Tips for 2021

As the cannabis industry grows exponentially, branding and packaging are more important now than ever. With the accessibility and use of cannabis and CBD products increasing, producers and manufacturers must stay on top of the trends.
Packaging trends for cannabis and CBD products are shifting dramatically. Designs now favor a more modern approach over the dated "psychedelic" look.
In 2021, cannabis packaging trends are geared toward being more eco-friendly, innovative, child-resistant and transparent. Let’s dive into the key trends.

TREND#1. Packaging with Compliance in Mind

Even though packaging for cannabis and CBD products is becoming a lot more innovative, products still have to comply with specific regulations and requirements. Manufacturers have the responsibility of making sure they are compliant with all regulations.
Child Resistant Packaging (CR)

  • CR Regulations
Since cannabis is legal in more and more states, the accessibility to these products has increased. This has led to stricter packaging regulations to protect children, called CR (Child Resistant). CR technology such as child resistant bags or child resistant containers must be used for packaging marijuana to prevent children from accidentally swallowing cannabis.
  • CR Trends
These new child resistant regulations have created opportunities that have not been presented before. It is now on trend to create professional and sleek designs for cannabis products, so designers can work with the CR regulations as an inspiration. Some companies can meet all the CR regulations and still be functional and look sophisticated. Others have cleverly used hemp leaves to make pouches that lock.
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Every state will have strict requirements when it comes to packaging requirements. However, each state will have its own regulations ranging from the amount that can be sold in individual packages, labeling, ingredients list, warning statements, and restrictions around a product’s design. For companies that are trying to sell nationwide, they will have to ensure that they are meeting all the various requirements each individual state has in place.

TREND#2. Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is all the buzz right now, in any industry, to reach that millennial age group everyone is trying to target. According to a study done by Nielsen, 55% of consumers say they will pay more for sustainable products.
With cannabis itself being all-natural, manufacturers thought it made sense to keep the packaging that way too. Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging is becoming increasingly popular as more users are shifting their focus to the environment.
4 prominent factors in eco-friendly cannabis packaging will be even more important moving forward: cutting down waste, sustainability, earth-friendly packaging and non-toxic packaging.

Some more sustainable packaging solutions for CBD and cannabis include:

  • Less fluff and leaner packaging – replacing rigid packaging with flexible packaging bags.
  • Reusable, resealable containers
  • Recyclable Pouch – made from mono plastic materials
  • Biodegradable Pouch – made from fully biodegradable and compostable films
  • Plastic Saving Paper Pouch – Less plastic films are used to form paper laminated pouches



TREND#3. Packaging with Design and Branding in Mind

Cannabis products have been known in the past for the use of psychedelic imagery. However, that trend is dying out as a more contemporary style is evolving. Minimalist designs, clean edges, and high-quality graphics attract the modern, professional customer.
New design trends are bringing options like the following:

  • High-quality aspects of every part of the design. These are marketed toward professionals.
  • Frosted glass and embossing to add texture in line with modern design
  • Shapes with clean edges and clean package designs
  • Design Focusing on Target Market

Professional designers will be able to create cannabis product containers that help the user distinguish between recreational and medical cannabis. There is a shift toward making medicinal marijuana more accessible, so getting the medical market's attention through design is crucial.


TREND#4. Packaging Highlighting Source

Users are beginning to become geared more toward organic and all-natural products. For your company, this means being completely transparent about how you grow your cannabis will be beneficial. Including information that states whether the product is organic or non-organic is vital for meeting customers' needs and expectations.
Other information that should be included on the packaging is the common name of the cannabis strain. This is true for both recreational and medicinal products.
Medical Terminology and Symbols
If you use medical information, it's crucial to use appropriate medical symbols in the packaging design. The market is shifting toward helping users become more aware of the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana. Using correct symbols and terminology will help fully legitimize the product and erase any lingering stigma in the minds of some consumers.

TREND#5. Packaging That Pokes Fun: Recreational Marijuana Packaging

Although packaging design trends are now aimed more toward clean and sophisticated looks, recreational marijuana packaging manufacturers and producers are using humor to their advantage.
You can expect to see many cheekier puns and wordplay about cannabis and its users. Words like "stoned" and "munchies" are now used a lot more in titles and in description labels.
The innovating way manufacturers and producers use these stereotypes is that they often add supported medicinal evidence after the silly wordplay. They express that they understand what society thinks about cannabis products, but they are here to prove them wrong.
With the accessibility and use of these products increasing, producers and manufacturers must stay on top of the trends. Appealing to the consumer while being compliant with rules is the balance manufacturers and producers must strike when designing CBD and cannabis packaging.
At BPS, we have the latest and greatest information that is going on in the packaging industry. With over 10 years of experience in packaging, we have seen the wave of trends come and go, so we want to make sure you are aware of all the new things going on in the industry.
If you are in need of a packaging solution for CBD or cannabis products, we can partner with you to streamline your packaging.

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