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Together Health - Embracing High Barrier Compostable Packaging for Diverse Supplement Products
Brand: Together Health
Packaging Needs: high barrier compostable kraft paper pouch for over 20 different product variations
Customer Comments: Overall we are really impressed with your efficiency, help, and dedication to getting our orders right...
White Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch With Anti-Powder Zipper For Mushroom Powder
Brand: Real Mushrooms
Packaging Needs: more sustainable packaging, with a resealable and powder proof zipper that is good for powder.
Customer Comments: They're really good! We like them a lot.
Recyclable Produce Bags for Organic Apples
Job Name: Bostock Organic Apples

Packaging Demand: Custom printing K bottom stand up pouch leaving clear window with vent hole& Hand hole

Design Features: Vivid apple with large stretches of different green color to show their concept of organic.
Compostable Ziplock Bags for Natural Powder
Job Name: Pure Chimp
Packaging Demand: Compostable pouch for matcha tea powder
Customer Comments:
“The pouches look lovely. I think these will be popular."
-Dean, Founder
Custom Stand Up Pouch & Flat Pouch with Sticker
Job Name: HappyLiving

Packaging Demand: Matte finish pouches for packing face masks and disinfection kit.

Customer Comments / Feedback:
The print looks nice on the bag. Color matching between bags and stickers also perfect.
Matte Finish Brown Kraft Woodstock Stand Up Pouch
Job Name: Woodstock Stand Up Pouch

Pouch style: Stand Up Pouch

Packaging Demand: To pack 2 pcs tickers, 1 pc brochure and 1 pc of photo.

Comments:"I Love the Natural feeling of the kraft bag. Very nice!"