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Pioneering Innovative & Sustainable Packaging Since 2009
BPS was founded in 2009 with a vision for developing Best Package Solutions suited to every unique demand. We have a passionate dedication to packaging innovation and sustainability, backed up with a strong commitment to quality and safety.
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Home Compostable Snack Wrap - Here is Your Chance to Win!
Looking to catch more health snacks markets? Want more eco-friendly? Need something innovative? All of these things and more can be accomplished with Home Compostable Snack Wrap!
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CBD & Cannabis Packaging Tips for 2021
Packaging trends for cannabis and CBD products are shifting dramatically. In 2021, cannabis packaging trends are geared toward being more eco-friendly, innovative, child-resistant and transparent. Let’s dive into the key trends.
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How to Keep Children Safe from Attractive but Hazardous Items
Keeping children safe from attractive but hazardous items has become a CHALLENGE nowadays. What can be done to prevent children from these hazards?
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Matte Finish Brown Kraft Woodstock Stand Up Pouch
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K Bottom Organic Apples with Vent Hole
Compostable Ziplock Bags for Natural Powder
Custom Stand Up Pouch & Flat Pouch with Sticker