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How to Keep Children Safe from Attractive but Hazardous Items

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Author : Jasmine Zhang
Update time : 2020-12-04 16:14:55

How to Keep Children Safe from Attractive but Hazardous Items


Keeping children safe from attractive but hazardous items has become a CHALLENGE nowadays --

  • Products look colorful and edible like laundry pods can cause harmful problems if children eat them.
  • Items which are not intended for children such as cannabis infused cookies, candies and gummies may cause unexpected impact on children.
  • And items which are good for children such as vitamin tablets and gummies, once taken more than enough by children, could also cause negative impact.

This is a big problem that need to be resolved. This is why we dedicated our R&D to developing child resistant bags.

Product Development Supervisor from BPS

What can be done to prevent children from these hazards?
Close containers tightly after removing the pods or choose a child resistant packaging for these pods.
Click below to view a video showing how a Child Resistant Zipper Pouch works to keep children SAFE from dangerous products.  

One of the leading child proof packaging manufacturers, BPS has successfully launched patented child resistant zipper pouches. With continuous innovations, our child resistant pouch looks nothing different from a regular pouch, but the built-in child resistant mechanisms are certified children safe. 
So far, the child resistant zipper pouches have been applied to many big players in the industries such as laundry detergent, marijuana or canna infused products, vitamin gummies, gum, health supplement and medical treatment.
Click the below link and connect with BPS that Offers Recyclable Packaging and a variety of sustainable packaging solutions:


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