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Home Compostable Snack Wrap - Here is Your Chance to Win!

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Author : Nicola
Update time : 2021-09-10 20:19:37

Home Compostable Snack Wrap - Here is Your Chance to Win!


Looking to catch more health snacks markets?
Want more eco-friendly?
Need something innovative?
All of these things and more can be accomplished with Home Compostable Snack Wrap!
Bar package design is playing an increasingly important role in ensuring a product stands out against competitors, whether in-store or online. Like every good piece of design, snack packaging tells a story. It communicates what the product is, who it’s for and projects a value proposition to the consumer.
After the design grabs attention successfully, consumers will look into the product's information and nutrition facts.
Plant-based energy and protein, Natural ingredients, gluten-free for everyday performance and snacking.  Sounds great!
And packed in a plastic wrapper? Wait, Plastic packaging? How can plastic packaging tell a plant-based and natural story?
Check out our Home Compostable Pouch that perfectly meets your branding!


We believe that 'waste is a design flaw' and this latest innovation from BPS is evidence that with just a few tweaks, we can innovate our way out of landfills and the plastic destined to sit in them for centuries. The biodegradable pouches can be fully composted in the garden.
Let your consumers enjoy the feel good bonus with our compostable packaging!
Click the below link and connect with BPS that offers a variety of sustainable packaging solutions:

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